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Fuller Center Disaster ReBuilders (FCDR) is a mission partner of The Fuller Center for Housing. It leads The Fuller Center’s response to large-scale disasters where many low-income homes have been destroyed. They operate under the basic philosophy of returning families to their homes by turning unlivable structures back into simple, decent housing.

FCDR is different from the covenant partners who operate in a fixed geographical area. They relocate following disasters and stay until significant recovery work has been accomplished, up to two years. If there is a covenant partner in the disaster area, FCDR will mobilize and work in partnership with its local leadership.


Disaster ReBuilders currently is rebuilding homes in Dickinson, TX (Houston) area after Hurricane Harvey, New Bern, NC after Hurricane Michael and starting 1 October, Panama City, FL after Hurricane Michael.  If you would like to make contact with Fuller Center Disaster ReBuilders and be part of this project contact